The PEFC-Signet

Since 2011 we are PEFC certified.

The forest certification according to this standard is based on the strict regulations for the sustainable cultivation of forests. This cultivation be controlled from qualified and independent organizations. If a product made of wood bears the PEFC signet, then this means, that the whole product creation – from the raw material to the final product, which is ready to use – is certified and controlled by independent experts. Your decision for a product bearing the PEFC signet is therefore fortunate for the forest.

We need the forest as livelihood for plants, animals and humans. The forest regulated our climate and he is for us recreational area too. But our forests are in danger: Predominant in the tropics, between 11 and 15 Million hectares of forest are destroyed each year – that is half of Germany. We must protect forests and preserve them for future generations. But thats only possible with economic and at the same time environmentally friendly and socially acceptable forest management. With the PEFC-signet we control, document and improve this forest management.



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