So unique like your fingerprint!

Be inspired by these unique natural beauties, including some of the finest woods on earth.

Veneers as far as the eye can reach

After more than a year of construction, we are proud to present these Veneer exhibition to you. Due to the enormous room height, the 300 veneer patterns look impressive but never overloaded. The lighting is soothing and presents the veneer patterns in ideal conditions. However, this veneer exhibition still does not represent the entire range of our products. But we are working on it!

Only the Original counts

When you enter a room you will immediatly see if it is the Real and therefore 100% natural or just a wood-reproduction made of plastic. A reproduction can be recognized by the exactly repeating wood structures like lines or knots and by the constant coloration.

A 100% natural veneer against it, is like your fingerprint – unique.

Inside the tree, the structure changes from slight to noticeable, even colour changes are perceptible.

Our exhibition of veneer patterns is only an excerpt of what already existed in our house. Once sold, the log with this structure, figured texture and coloration don´t exist again.

Siegel 100 Natur

Our exhibition

Experience natural beauties up close!



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