The inventors of veneer

Pharaos master joiners invent the veneer, more than 4000 years ago. 1500 befor Christ. Egypt needs wood, many wood. Lumber for houses and fine woods for inlays in palaces and tombs. But wood is rare and as valuable as it rarely is.   Master carpenters cleverly split tree trunks. The results are high quality wood…


Typical wood-features

There are no „wood defects“ in the veneer Everything that grows naturally exists in its form only once in the world.No tree is like the other one. Even the neighbour tree looks completely different. Every tree develops in his life habitat typical and very own wood-features that only he has alone. Sometimes this wood-features will…


Dive to the bog-oak

Dive to the bog-oak The bog-oak – the precious tree from the depth – is a iridescent, mystic tree with his own charakter. However, the story of their origins is still often told incomplete. Here you can read a skilled work about the recovery from bog-oaks. Thousands of years covered, rare and valuable The bog-oak…


Veneer production

Use trees to 100% Every tree suitable for veneer production can be exploited nearly to 100%. Wood can not be handled more sparingly. The veneer production is still very extensive today. At first we assess the quality of the log. Only with the help of his ends and the bark we can assess and value…


Our new veneer selection

Unique natural beauties Discover the most extraordinary veneers from all over the world! On more than 80 pages you will find detailed informations such as veneer thickness, country of origin, type of production and application notes. Of course, all veneers are shown in high quality. You can order the illustrated veneers from our selection at…



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