Interesting facts

There are no „wood defects“ in the veneer

Everything that grows naturally exists in its form only once in the world.No tree is like the other one. Even the neighbour tree looks completely different. Every tree develops in his life habitat typical and very own wood-features that only he has alone. Sometimes this wood-features will be called as „defects“.

Typical and natural wood-features are for example: pin knots, „Gum“ (resin galls at cherry veneer), latch, flake, bush knots and color variations. This features be part of the wood and highlight its character.


It lifes the diversity! Pin knots, „Gum“ (resin galls at cherry veneer), latch, flake, bush knots and so on.

Such wood-features are not defects, but characteristics of the tree. They are welcome to find themselves in the veneer, because they bring natural diversity, individuality, inspiration and warmth into your home. Enjoy it – day for day. Who use veneer with all of its wood-features handle economize with wood and prevents the nature.

Veneer is the most beautiful thing the tree can give us.

Anyone who likes to surround themselves with individual and uniquely beautiful things finds an infinite variety in veneers to design his furniture, doors, kitchens, walls and so on in his personal lifestyle. There is nothing of wood that is more unique than veneer. This individuality, which more and more consumers value, is created by natural growth wood-features.

We see this veneer diversity with us every day. Your carpenter will find the beautifulst veneer with us – exclusively for you.

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