Face Veneer

American walnut varnished

Species: American/Black walnut (Juglans nigra)
Origin: Midwest and Northeast of the USA
Manufacturing method: sliced
Colouring: light brown over chocolade to purple-brown
Available certified: Yes

The American walnut, which belongs to the noble foliage woods, comes from the Midwest and Northeast of the USA and supplies one of the most valuable and coveted woods for centuries. It can reach a growth height of up to 40 m and a trunk diameter of 1,5 m. The American walnut is a distinct species of light wood and grows individually or in small, widely distributed groups, often on roads, in gardens or parks, making it a very rare species of wood. It is a distinct lyre wood and has been a dominant figure in furniture production for many years. It is used for exclusive indoor design and in the manufacture of furniture, panelling, ceiling cassette and parquet.