Face Veneer

Macassar varnished

Species: Macassar ebony (Diospyros celebica)
Origin: India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka
Manufacturing method: sliced
Colouring: black, dark brown to reddish, green and white with light or dark stripes
Certified available: No

The Macassar belongs to the ebony family and comes from India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Macassar ebony was already traded in early history over the borders of the countries of origin and was rated as an exotic treasure. It is one of the most valuable foreign wood species. It is often mistakenly assumed that Macssar ebony must always be charcoal-black, but it is not! There are real ebony varieties whose basic colour is dark green (Macassar verde), dark brown to reddish or whitish (white macassar) and is permeated by more or less light or dark stripes. Its veneer was used as early as the Middle Ages, especially in interior design, in the production of furniture and panelling.