Face Veneer


Species: Paraiso (Melia azedarach)
Origin: South Himalaya, Pakistan
Manufacturing method: sliced
Colouring: yellowish to reddish brown
Available certified: No

The Paraiso, also called Melia belongs to the family of Meliaceae and originates from the South of Himalaya and Pakistan. Due to cultivation, the alternating green tree became widespread at an early stage and is now part of rural and urban greening as well as forest plantings worldwide. The decisive factor for cultivation at that time was the high resistance to diseases and insects, today the attractive appearance (flowers, fruits, foliage), the forestry cultivation and the good growth performance is in the foreground. Currently, the wood of the Paraiso and thus also the veneer is only limited or little available, but this will change in the future due to the worldwide cultivation. Until now, the veneer of the Paraiso has been used mainly in the production of furniture and panelling.