Face Veneer

Thuya burl

Species: Thuya burl (Tetraclinis articulata)
Origin: Africa
Manufacturing method: peeled
Colouring: intense reddish-brown
Available certified: No

The tetraclinis tree, also known as the link cypress or Berberthuja, which grows in the Atlas Mountains of Africa, supplies one of the most beautiful grains in the world. In addition to the coveted grain wood, the tetraclinis tree, after scribbled the bark, provides the aromatic tetraclinis resin – this is often used for smoking. The intense reddish-brown of the wood and the numerous irregularly arranged grain cores create a moving veneer image that attracts all eyes. The tetraclinis trees are very difficult to recover, so the thuya burl wood is very rare, expensive and only available in small dimensions. It is used in exclusive furniture construction and for fittings in the automotive industry.