Face Veneer

Walnut burl varnished

Species: Walnut burl (Juglans regia)
Origin: Central, West and South Europe
Manufacturing method: peeled
Colouring: light to dark brown, often with grey, reddish or purple impact
Available certified: Yes

The walnut burl belongs to the family  of noble foliage woods and originates from Europe. It can reach a growth height of up to 30m and a trunk diameter of 1,2m. It supplies one of the most valuable and for centuries one of the most sought-after woods. The European walnut grows like the American walnut individually or in small, widely distributed groups, often in gardens or parks. Since it is not a typical forest tree, but only occurs as a single tree, its wood is very rare. The walnut burl shown here is a European walnut that has been refined with an American walnut. The beautiful walnut burl veneer is used for exclusive interior design, in the manufacture of furniture, panelling and equipments wood in automobiles.