Face Veneer

Wild elm 

Species: Elm (Ulmus rubra)
Origin: North America, Europe, Asia
Manufacturing method: sliced
Colouring: light brown to reddish brown
Available certified: Yes

The elm, also known as ulme, belongs to the family of Ulmaceae and is common in North America, Europe and Asia. In Germany, by the way, the wood of the elms is referred to as a stool. Because of its attractive colour and decorative grain, elm is primarily used as a veneer in the equipment sector for furniture, panelling, panels, door leaves and parquet. The elm, which is referred to here as a wild elm, impresses with its lively/wild grain and the small/large branches. Due to the progressive death of elms, which is caused by a fungus spread by the small and large elm splinter beetle, the veneer of the armourfrome from European origin is only available to a limited extent.