Face Veneer

Satin walnut 

Species: Satin Walnut (Liquidambar styraciflua)
Origin: Central and North America
Manufacturing method: sliced
Colouring: yellowish white over pink-brown to red-brown with silky shine
Available certified: Yes

The satin walnut, in Germany better known as amber tree, originates from Central and North America and can reach a growth height of up to 35 m and a trunk diameter of 1,5 m. Some species of the amber tree are used for the extraction of resin, thus the botanical genus name, liquids for liquid and anbar for amber. The sweet-scented resin of the satin walnut is used to make chewing gum, which is why it is also called sweetgum in the USA. The veneer is used in interior design, in the production of furniture, doors and panelling.